Survival Classe with Mike Lowe

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In the light of the current worldwide war conflicts, intensifying natural disasters, climate change, food supplies chains misfunctioning and the growing limitations of our freedoms it is crucial for every adult and child to be trained how to survive, navigate and help others in critical conditions when necessities and comforts of everyday life are gone. Being able to stay warm, fed, hydrated and know how to use nature remedies for your first aid needs are lifesaving skills!


Bear Creek Resort Montana is ideal place to learn and practice survival skills!


Mike Lowe of the hit History Channel TV Show, Alone Season 2, 2016 has been teaching survival skills professionally since 1980 as a survival instructor for the U.S. Air Force. In 1988 he launched the Wilderness Way Adventure Survival School of his own. Mike holds an AA in Wilderness Survival, and AA in Search and Rescue. He is a Rescue 3 Internationally certified Swift Water and Technical Rope Rescue technician and instructor as well as a certified Wilderness First Responder. In 2016 he was a participant on the History Channel’s hit series Alone Season 2.

Featured classes:

July 21-25

Wilderness Survival Basics Family Class, 3 days class

This course is a hands-on introduction to the skills and knowledge necessary to live through a short-term survival situation. If you have the survival skills and experience to survive at least 72 hours, then you have a much greater chance to find your way out to a better situation.

Topics will include essential survival gear, survival priorities, and most importantly, how to maintain an upright mind.

You will learn these crucial survival skills:

  • Prioritize the seven basic needs of a survivor
  • Building a fire (matches, bow drill, hand drill, and flint & steel)
  • Making a life-saving water prove shelter using natural materials
  • Signal rescue using mirrors, electronic devices, and natural materials
  • Purifying water
  • Navigate using a map, compass, GPS, and natural aids
  • Build an atlatl, bola, rabbit stick, sling, and quickie survival bow, fishing net.
  • Games, stories, activities for kids and the whole family
  • Identify and eat seasonal, indigenous wild edible plants
  • Build traps, snares, bows, sling shots, using natural materials, target shooting and practice.
  • Creating your survival kit

Upcoming class June 24-27 

Wild Woman 4 days class

In this unique program, foragers will learn:

Human uses of plants and trees for food, tools and medicine.

  • Basic foraging safety tools and advises.
  • Basics of navigation.
  • How to identify, harvest and prepare local plants and learn their edible and nourishing attributes, healing qualities and utilitarian uses.
  • Natural remedies. Food as medicine. Favorite local recipes. During our 4 days class learners will be finding, harvesting local herbs and edible pants, processing, preserving them, cooking meals on the fire and sharing amazing teas and life stories. Students will be able to try different cooking technics on the open fire and learn secrets of the women from the past.
  • Morels mushrooms harvesting and processing.
  • Will learn how to prepare, construct, start and maintain a campfire.
  • Traditional cooking methods: steam pits, spit cooking, rock frying and more
  • How to treat injuries and illnesses using home remedies and herbal medicine: teas, tinctures, oils, infusions, syrups. Hands on class. (Michael please provide list of materials I need to provide or if we need to subcontract a person to do that part of the class)
  • Using power of nature for healing: Nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, trusting Creator.
  • Weave a fish basket trap using natural materials
  • How to protect your self from wild animals: bears, cougars and others.

Basics of gardening, orchard planting, canning and preserving food. (optional)

Making tools in bone, stone and wood, fishing nets. (optional)

Plants found across North America will be highlighted while incredible gifts of localized herbs will also be discussed. Each student will take home harvested plants, hand made remedies.